Driver vision and colour vision assessment

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Driver vision assessment:

Holders of a driver’s licence in Western Australia require that the driver meets the minimum driving vision standards approved by WA roads and the Department of Transport.  A driver will require an eye test to be performed by either a doctor, optometrist or ophthalmologist to assess eligibility to hold a valid driver’s licence. 

The requirements to hold a driver’s licence in WA has specific requirements and the Optometrists at Specs Sensation are familiar with these requirements and are able to complete the paperwork to ensure you maintain holding your driver’s licence. 

Colour vision assessment:

Certain occupations or trades require for you to have the ability to distinguish between specific colours.  There are several colour vision tests available to assess whether you are colour deficient or not.  

Colour blindness refers to the condition affecting a person’s ability to see colour.   Monochromacy, where a person sees a limited range of colour is extremely rare and affects a small part of the population.   Colour vision deficiency is more common and affects approximately 8% of males and 0.1% of females.  

At Specs Sensation, we have different colour vision testing options available and are able to perform these tests and are able to advise you on how your colour vision complies with the various industry groups requirements (aviation, mining, electrical, rail transport, maritime and the Australian Defence Force).

Our Optometrist, Esperan Pather is able to test the colour vision of many aspiring pilots or air traffic controllers as part of his Aviation eye test.  Esperan is certified by The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to conduct testing and submits the results to CASA directly.



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