Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are thin lenses placed directly to the cornea (surface) of the eye and are used for various reasons:

  • cosmetic or aesthetic uses and to avoid using spectacles
  • optical vision correction – contact lenses provide better peripheral vision compared to spectacles and also have the benefit of not collecting moisture from rain, snow or condensation
  • sports and outdoor activities
  • can be used with sunglasses, goggles or other eye-wear preferences without the need to have these devices with their prescription included in the lenses
  • certain ocular conditions like keratoconus which could potentially correct vision better compared to spectacles.


At Specs Sensation we have an array of contact lens options to suit your individual needs.  Commonly used contact lenses include the soft, daily disposable lenses which are made of soft, flexible materials which facilitate good comfort and great vision.  The newer materials used in the manufacture of contact lenses allow oxygen to penetrate the contact lens which allows oxygen to get to the cornea thereby not compromising corneal health.

Soft lenses are comfortable to use but you may experience mild discomfort or irritation on initial use.  This improves gradually with more frequent use of the lenses. There may be other reasons for symptoms associated with contact lens use and these typically include:

  • using the lenses inside-out
  • debris located between the contact lens and the cornea or
  • drying out of the contact lenses. 


Our contact lens care process (which is an important part of the contact lens education we deliver to you) will enable you to identify such problems and rectify them.  In addition, we will always ensure we are available to assess and manage any problems you may experience with contact lens use.

Soft contact lenses are available in a variety of different options.  They may differ in wear time, material composition, vision correction etc.  Contact lenses are available in daily, fortnightly or monthly disposable options.  They can correct different vision anomalies including short-sightedness (myopia), far-sightedness (hyperopia), presbyopia and astigmatism (irregularly shaped corneas).

Based on your individual requirements, our Optometrist is able to advise on the most appropriate contact lens to use.  As part of our service to you, our staff will give you the necessary advice, information and skills so that you use your contact lenses appropriately and effectively.  This education process includes:

  • hand hygiene requirements whilst handling lenses
  • correct technique (that works for you) to insert and remove the contact lens
  • cleaning of your lenses
  • correct storage of your lenses
  • contact lens solutions and storage case maintenance
  • wear time of contact lenses
  • contact lens use under different conditions like water-sports, travelling
  • trouble-shooting in the event you experience any contact lens-related problems


As an independent Optometry practice, we at Specs Sensation are in a fortunate position to offer contact lens options that suit your individual requirements.  We are not limited or restricted to offer specific contact lens brands from a limited pool of lenses.  All our lenses come with a manufacturer’s warranty – speak to our Optometrists for further information.



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